The PLC controllers are programmable logic controllers. The modules do not have a CAN- or LIN-Bus interface, but therefore have additional pins available for further functions. The same requirement profile, i.e., the same number of functions, can thus be realized with a more compact design.

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Controller M1 12 V

SKU: 1.028.1x
67.68 inc. VAT

Controller M1 24 V

SKU: 1.028.2x
67.68 inc. VAT

Controller M3 12 V

SKU: 1.036.1x
52.07 inc. VAT

Controller M3 24 V

SKU: 1.036.2x
52.07 inc. VAT

Micro PLC 12 V

SKU: 1.005.15x
70.0673.36 inc. VAT

Micro PLC 24 V

SKU: 1.005.2x
70.0673.36 inc. VAT

Micro PLC 9-30 V

SKU: 1.005.3x
79.0094.59 inc. VAT

Proportional Amplifier 9-30 V

SKU: 1.030.x
109.28134.36 inc. VAT