Within the category of standard and special relays, you can find micro relays, high current relays, relays with special contacts and standard relays. But also special relays that are not part of our standard program. The relays are available in different sizes and with an operating voltage of 12V or 24V.

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Micro Relay 12 V

SKU: 1.014.1xx.00
5.778.66 inc. VAT

Micro Relay 24 V

SKU: 1.014.2xx.00
6.858.01 inc. VAT

Power relay 12 V

SKU: 1.016.1xx.00
11.9228.18 inc. VAT

Power relay 24 V

SKU: 1.016.2xx.00
13.4629.91 inc. VAT

Relay with special terminals 12 V

SKU: 1.020.1xx.00
4.9420.40 inc. VAT

Relay with special terminals 24 V

SKU: 1.020.2xx.00
4.9425.39 inc. VAT

Special Relay

SKU: 1.023.x
17.6921.32 inc. VAT

Standard Relay 12 V

SKU: 1.015.1xx.00
6.0910.48 inc. VAT

Standard Relay 24 V

SKU: 1.015.2xx.xxx
6.4522.69 inc. VAT

Standard Relay with terminals 24 V

SKU: 1.015.2xx.00
5.666.52 inc. VAT