Undervoltage Monitor with Reset

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The Undervoltage Monitor With Reset (acknowledgment) has outputs for a signal, buzzer or other indicators. It can be used to turn on/off acoustic or optical warning signals when the input voltage drops below/exceeds a defined voltage level. When the input volt­age ap­plied to ter­mi­nal 15 drops below the de­fined thresh­old volt­age out­puts 87, 87a, and C are turned on. Out­put 87 can be switched off again via reset input x (ac­knowl­edge­ment) while out­puts 87a and C re­main on. When the input volt­age on ter­mi­nal 15 ex­ceeds the de­fined thresh­old volt­age all out­puts are switched off. Cus­tom thresh­old volt­ages are avail­able on re­quest. Please refer to the chap­ter hous­ing and base plates for ad­di­tional hous­ing op­tions.

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Technical Information

Number of pins


Outputs (total)


Max. output current (87, 87a)

4 A

Con­tin­u­ous cur­rent limit

10 A/15 A (O/C)

Processor family

Texas Instruments MSP 430


16 bit

Protection class


Temperature range

-40 to 85 °C