Crimp contact timer junior 1,50 – 2,50 mm²

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The Crimp contact Timer Junior from MRS can be used for cable cross sections from 1,50 to 2,50 mm². It is included in the Connector package for CAN-PWM Modul and suitable for use with the M3600 CAN PLC. The MRS-Crimp contact Timer Junior guarantees high electrical and mechanical safety. Your benefit is the considerable simplification that comes with handling.

Through the crimp contact cores of a cable are connected to the tab receptacles, so all cables are always in the correct position. The no longer detachable connection between one or more conductors and the crimp contact is produced by pressure. If crimping is carried out correctly, a gas-tight connection will be created. The structure resulting from the deformation of the crimp barrel and the finely stranded conduit is largely isolated from oxygen and thus almost protected against corrosion inside.

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