CAN I/O PLC Waterproof

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The versatile and waterproof CAN I/O PLC Waterproof with 14 inputs and outputs in one compact design and an operating voltage range of 9 to 30 volts. It provides 8 I/Os that can be configured as inputs or outputs and 6 analog inputs, of which 2 can be used as digital inputs. In addition, with the 5 volt reference output it provides the option to supply additional sensors with voltage. It is completely software compatible with CAN I/O PLC and is the alternative when IP68 protection is required. It is dust-proof and provides full protection against impact as well as protection against continuous submersion. The small module has an impressive variety of available configurations. The CAN Controller can be used either as an I/O module in a CAN network or as an independent and intelligent PLC. With the graphic programmability using MRS Developers Studio, you can even program your functions yourself, quickly and easily. This module is equipped with a CAN interface and can also be fitted with an RS232 or RS485 interface.

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